Just like any other, the Islamic culture has its own rituals and traditions to be followed. And in any manner, they are a bit strict than other religions which can be seen as a pro or a con of this culture.

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Amidst all the religious practices, there is Zakat-Al-Fitr which holds the uttermost importance in any Muslim’s life and duties toward the Islamic culture. If you are one of those who don’t know much about this practice and wishes to know all about it then here’s what you need to know.

All about- Zakat-Al-Fitr

In the Islamic culture, Zakat-Al-Fitr is a holy practice where the Muslims are required to donate a certain amount of money or property to the under-privileged people. Now, a Muslim is not bound to help the other poor Muslims but anyone in the world. Generally, the celebration of Zakat-Al-Fitr starts after the completion of the holy month called Ramadan.

Muslims often called or refer Zakat-Al-Fitr as Fitrana as well which is an English translation of an Arabic word taken from the word ‘Fitr.’ The actual concept relying on upon behind practicing Zakat-Al-Fitr is circulating a specific and required amount of money and property to every Muslim or person present in the society. This is done to create a feeling of equality and eradicating the evils of poverty from the world. Even, many Muslims refer to this entire process as Sadaqat-Al-Fitr.

Under this procedure, every Muslim, after the completion of Ramadan month needs to break the fast first and then calculate a certain amount of money or share of the property to be donated. According to the Islamic culture, this practice should be initiated with all your genuine deeds to help those who need it the most, otherwise, the donation made doesn’t go or connect you with your Allah or Almighty.

Generally, the amount or proportion to be donated as Zakat-Al-Fitr is similar to every individual. Rest the actual donation amount or share may vary according to one’s entire property.

By the time the Prophet declared Zakat-Al-Fitr or Fitrana as a mandatory practice to be followed, it has cultivated a sense of brotherhood in the world, leaving a message of creating harmony and a peaceful environment in the world.

The final word-

For every Muslim, no matter poor or rich, it is a mandatory aspect to practice Zakat-Al-Fitr or Fitrana once in a year. To attain the basic idea of being connected with your Almighty, one is required to practice it with all your heart and true deeds.